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Our sustainable mission

It is estimated that 640,000 tons of fishing gear end up polluting the oceans each year.

We transform that pollution into sustainable swimwear.

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 ECONYL® regenerated nylon

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Our recycling process

Ethical practices

We believe that in order for us to work sustainably, it is just as important to be ethical towards people, as it is to be sustainable with the planet.
All packaging unit like stickers, labels, cards, biodegradeablebags are all recycled or environment friendly products. We thought of the smallest details.
Our employees are paid well over the minimum wage, 13 months’ salary a year, receiving free medical insurance & working conditions on-par to western standards.

The textiles we work with are BPA free and OEKO-TEX® certified, the world’s leader in testing fabrics to regulate harmful substances. The Hoangem Swim team is well aware of the conditions of the workers who make it possible to create our clothes, and we work closely with our partners to assure that every step of the process is ethical and sustainable.

Hoangem Swim also supports Fjord CleanUP, a non-profit environmental organisation supporting the restoration and protection of the Inner Oslo Fjord’s natural marine environment. They organise weekly cleaning events around Oslo, cleaning rubbish out of the waters. Hoangem Swim and Fjord CleanUP share a lot of the same values and we are happy to be supporting them, working together for a more clean planet. 

We incorporate sustainability into every step of the process, from the first thread of our swimsuits, to the final touch of the packaging. We use ECONYL®, which is made from recycled materials by Aquafil, one of our partners. The material is then cut and sewed, lovingly handmade in Bali where every piece is estimated before cutting, which leads to zero textile waste.

The first step in the process is to rescue waste such as fishing nets and old carpets that would otherwise pollute the earth. The waste is then sorted and cleaned before it’s transformed into a new textile source, used to create our sustainable products. This material can then be recycled infinitely without ever losing its quality.


Our commitment is to use 100% of these recycled materials to design all of our swimwear. Our recycled and fashionable swimwear, will be our small contribution to clean the ocean.

We believe that slow fashion is beyond trends, beyond fashion, beyond something that has a date of expiry. Slow fashion priorities people and the planet. The enjoyment should be longer and more conscious, our purpose is to approach our customers to this feeling.


Our partner

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